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Strategic Messaging

Messaging about your product/service is paramount to the success of your sales and marketing programs!  We work to fully understand your product/service, your target market and your competition, in order to develop a robust messaging framework.

The result is positioning and value propositions that pinpoint the features as well as strategic value and benefits of your product/service.  This messaging is then consistently leveraged as the cornerstone of all future communication development including marketing collateral, websites, product packaging, press releases, tradeshow booths, presentations, and more!

Marketing Collateral

Grab the attention of your prospect, and hold it!  Using strategic messaging that speaks the language of your target market, we create visually compelling, informative and attention holding material that will speak to your prospective customer and make them to want to learn more.  Our impactful brochures talk to features AND benefits, and address how the solution alleviates the pains that your target market faces. Compelling case studies tell of customers who faced challenges, but are enjoying improvements and successes based on solution implementation, helping prospects to see how your solution can get them to a better place too!  And, since we are well versed in technology, we can help with your technical collateral as well! 

Here are just a few of the different types of collateral that we can help you with too:

  • Marketing brochures  
  • Case Studies
  • Press Releases
  • Functional Guides (how your solution can work in a customer’s environment)
  • Technical Guides (HW/SW and network requirement guides for the IT decision maker)


DubDubDubDot! In today’s day and age you MUST have a Web presence!

We can help you with a variety of aspects from color and design concepts, graphics, layout, content and site construction for that ‘just right’ website that not only catches the interest of visitors, but gets them to stay, return and contact you for more information! Specializing in WordPress and Joomla we can have you up and running and gathering site visit statistics via Google Analytics in no time!

If Social Media is also on your mind, we can help you with Facebook presence as well as Twitter. Making your presence known with daily updates keeps you in your public’s eye, and exposes you to more potential customers!

And finally, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all the buzz, and not without good reason. SEO helps increase your exposure and surfaces you in the right position in Web searches. Our SEO experts can help you improve your web content so that you show up more often, in the right places and get the coverage you need and want to increase your clientele, sales and ultimately your bottom line!


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth…even more!  Prospects can easily get bored reading webpage after webpage to understand your solution.  Give them the opportunity to view a quick and attention grabbing video that they can watch streaming via the web, or see on YouTube after work.  Channel Creativity can create anything from a 1 minute commercial, to 5 minute overviews to full 30+ minute demonstrations.

Our clients have used our videos in email campaigns or on the Web, driving increased awareness among site visitors and taking prospects to the next stage of inquiry!   

Sales Enablement

To sell, your team needs the right tools! We have developed the processes and the supporting content to educate and prepare sales and pre-sales teams for the entire sales process. We can help with telesales scripts, demonstration scripts (speaker notes and mouse clicks), demonstration environments (using Microsoft Virtual PC or VMWare), sales guides (how to talk about the product with knowledge and confidence), solution selling job aids and more. We prepare everything so that the content is comprehendible and the processes repeatable.

In addition, we can package the educational content up into sales training courses that can easily be consumed in a self-paced manner, online or instructor led.

Whether you have a new sales person, or one that just needs to brush up on your solution, our sales enablement content readies your sales team with the skills and knowledge they need for a successful sales experience!


No more stage fright!  Our fully developed presentations, including informative and attention grabbing slides as well as detailed speaker notes, prepare you for many a successful presentation; live or via the Web.  We spend the time to understand the message you wish to portray and present it with the right balance of words and graphics; no more death by PPT! 

The result is a complete package, giving you what you need to prepare and deliver a successful presentation to any audience! 

The Kitchen Sink

If you have a marketing or sales need, and don’t see it listed here, just ask!  We have a great team of experts ready and able to help in a variety of marketing and sales related areas.  We just don’t want to make you read forever!  Contact us and let us know ‘what we can do for you today’!

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