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Solver, Inc. – Demonstration videos               

BACKGROUND:  Solver, known as the leader in Business Intelligence and Analytics for Microsoft Dynamics customers, planned to release a new solution to market in 2010. Bi360 represents the first ever full Business Intelligence Suite (including budgeting, reporting and dashboarding functionality all in one solution), targeted at the Microsoft Dynamics market!

Solver had much of the technical documentation completed in-house, but was looking for an affordable way to share a demonstration of the solution on a broad scope, with prospects. They were approached by a local LA, CA media company who offered a discounted video series for only $8,000; but that was a bit outside the initial ‘go to market’ budget. What to do?

Having worked with Irina (founder of Channel Creativity) when she worked for Microsoft, Solver President and Managing Partner, Nils Rasmussen, was familiar with her experience in BI (Business Intelligence) and her skills in sales enablement and marketing.

THE WORK:  As a trial run, Solver contracted with Channel Creativity to do a short 5 minute overview demo. It was a success! For under $1000 (a fraction of the other media companies ‘discounted offer’) Channel Creativity delivered a fully functional demonstration video! The video was able to be played on a TV, via DVD, at the 2010 Microsoft Convergence User Conference, attracting passers-by to come in and take a closer look. It was re-purposed via streaming video on Solver’s website for visiting prospects, and even placed on YouTube for viral marketing.

THE RESULT:  Solver released Bi360 to market and has already received very positive feedback. Downloads and views of the demo videos are increasing daily, generating inquiries for more information and filling the pipeline with solid sales leads!  Solver and Channel Creativity now have a solid working relationship, with several additional planned projects, including demonstration scripts, PPT presentations and…more videos!

LINKS:  Examples of this, and other videos by Channel Creativity, can be found on the Solver website here

TESTIMONIAL:         “Irina is a true expert and professional in her field. She ‘gets’ both technology and the customer equally, resulting in a deliverable that explains the underlying technology in a manner that buyers understand. She delivers affordable AND high quality work (at a fraction of the cost of other marketing and media companies), enabling Solver to present itself in a very professional light with prospects. We love working with Irina and Channel Creativity! We see them as a true partner in the success of our business!”     ~ Nils Rasmussen, President/Principal Account Manager, Solver, Inc.

CONTACT US:  Contact Channel Creativity at if you’d like to consider creating demonstration video about your product/service or solution!

ConnectBeauty Software – ‘Go to Market’        

THE BACKGROUND:  ConnectBeauty, an innovation in the CRM (Customer Relationship Marketing) world, was developed by InspireSmart Solutions to address the unique needs of the Beauty Industry.   Having worked with several Beauty Schools on website development, ecommerce solutions and CRM implementations, InspireSmart identified a need in the industry for a Beauty Industry specific CRM solution.  InspireSmart created the ConnectBeauty company and CRM solution as a result.  The product of over 5 years of research and development, ConnectBeauty is an invaluable solutions that matches the needs of the beauty industry, at a price point that is more affordable than most other CRM solutions on the market today. 

With the pending release of ConnectBeauty to the market, the need to create marketing messaging and material to tell the beauty world about this great solution arose!  ConnectBeauty turned to Channel Creativity to partner with and develop the necessary content.

THE WORK:   Channel Creativity developed strategic marketing messaged, and used this as the cornerstone of all future marketing material.  Product brochures were written and designed, as were sales enablement tools such as demo scripts and PPT presentations.  Demonstration videos and User Help Videos were recorded and produced for streaming via the website, enabling prospective beauty schools to view a demo online, and even follow-up with “How To Use ConnectBeauty – Instructions” after purchasing.

THE RESULT:   The ConnectBeauty solution came to market in Spring of 2010.  With the tools and content created by Channel Creativity, ConnectBeauty is poised for a successful rollout and sales experience!

LINKS:  Examples of the sales and marketing tools created by Channel Creativity can be found on the ConnectBeauty website:

TESTIMONIAL:          “Channel Creativity walked in and quickly grasped the true concept and value of our product.  Irina’s ability to understand both technical concepts as well as the value proposition of a solution has made for a one-stop-shop for creating all of our supporting documentation; from HW/SW requirements  and Help Tutorials, to Marketing Brochures, Email Campaigns and more.  I highly recommend Channel Creativity for to anyone needing to ‘get the word out’ about your technology solution!”  ~ Subodh Gupta, President, Channel Creativity

CONTACT US:  Contact Channel Creativity at if you’d like to consider creating sales and marketing collateral for your business!

InspireSmart Solutions – A Case Study            

THE BACKGROUND:  InspireSmart Solutions is a Denver-based technology firm specializing in implementations of Microsoft Dynamics Navision, Microsoft CRM and custom web development including ecommerce solutions.  They have had much success across all areas, with customers coming back for additional services due to the quality and speed of delivery.  Typically word of mouth and references had been used by InspireSmart over the years, but with recent growth in business it was evident that another method needed to be employed, so as to not overburden their reference customers.

Channel Creativity was partnered with to create their first case study.  McGhee Solutions, a Microsoft partner and customer, was the focus.  Having improved their internal productivity through the implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and integrated web-processes, through the use of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and a .NET ecommerce solution created by InspireSmart, McGhee gladly agreed to the be the subject. 

THE WORK:  Channel Creativity conducted preliminary interviews to understand the situation before, during and after the InspireSmart project.   The case study was composed and published and even received accolades from the client, McGhee Solutions.  “You can write for me anytime” said Phil Marks, Director of Technology.

THE RESULT:  Since the introduction of the case study, InspireSmart has found that prospect requests for a reference call are often satisfied with the presentation of the created case study, allowing them to understand the value that other customers have found in InspireSmart’s services and expertise.

LINKS:  To view this case study online, visit the InspireSmart website

TESTIMONIAL:       “The Case Study on McGhee Solutions is GREAT!  Channel Creativity really helped me be more efficient in my sales processes through case study development.  My only wish is that I had done it sooner!”   ~ Subodh, Gupta, President, InspireSmart Solutions

CONTACT US:   Contact Channel Creativity at if you’d like to consider doing a case study on one of your customers! 

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