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Video Demonstrations

YouTube...it is everywhere! Why not take advantage of the phenomenon and place your own product or service demonstrations out there for everyone to see! Our professionally produced videos can be placed on YouTube, or on your own website as streaming Flash. Our clients have seen great success in moving prospects through the sales cycle faster, by giving them access to demonstrations 'when it is convenient for them'. Let us make your product or service come to life on the Web too! For a sneak peek of the video in action, just hover over the image on the left! Or, go straight to YouTube and view it there through our 'download link'.

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We've created eye-catching and attention grabbing marketing collateral that communicates the value proposition of our client's product or service in a detailed and yet succinct manner. Using carefully developed strategic messaging, along with relevant graphics our brochures answer the initial questions prospects have, and get them to move to the next phase of the sales process...how can I get one of these for my business?

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Case Studies

Customer Testimonials can be that little difference between winning over a prospect, or not. We develop case studies and testimonials that talk the language of the prospect; including the pains of life beforehand, the decision making process to go with the chosen solution, and the benefits and improvements experienced as a result. We can help you show your prospects why others chose you, and why you are the clear and winning choice for them, winning you business and helping you drive your own business success!

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Demonstration Scripts

You know how great your product is, and how it works. But, how do you get that across to prospects? A properly written and formatted demo script is essential to 1) ready your sales team or partner channel team to demo your product successfully and 2) interlace functionality with value propositions so that prospects not only understand what your solution does, but why and how it can help improve their situation. Our demoscripts do just that! Either click the image to the left for a zoom view of the easy to consume format, or download a full demonstration script example from one of our other clients (permission obtained for sharing; of course).

Download Here

Presentation Decks

We put your strategic messaging and value proposition into a consumable, and visual format that your prospects can understand! Whether you need a 5 minute, 3 slide representation of your offering, or an hour 10+ slide presentation, we take the time to make it easily understandable and attention holding. Including speaker notes where applicable, to help you, your sales or partner channel team get up to speed on what to say and when! We package up your presentations so that they are easily consumable by the presenter and audience, helping to get the word out about you and your great offering! Click on the image to the left for a snapshot of one of our slides, or download a full deck example through the 'download now' button.

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